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For those of you who haven't heard, the Boldify family has recently begun expanding - by way of our NEW Brand Ambassa...

The BRAND NEW Boldify Blow Dry Brush

Who doesn’t love the volume, shine and BOUNCE of a good salon blowout? There’s no denying that a great hairstyle is a...

New Lead Stylist In The House!

Y’all, it’s already August, and we just couldn’t let the summer go by without announcing some of our most exciting news EVER!  We are absolutely THRILLED to introduce the newest member of the Boldify family - gorgeous Lead Stylist, Katherine Hayes!

Amino Acids For Hair Growth

Dreaming of longer, stronger, healthier hair? Then you need to know about amino acids-- the building blocks of protein, which makes up every part of your body. Since your hair is literally made of amino acids, it makes sense that these nutritional compounds are essential for healthy hair growth. Read on to discover the importance of amino acids for hair!

How to Get Thicker, Fuller Hair

Who doesn’t want thick, luscious shampoo-model locks? Those of us with fine or thinning hair may envy our thick-haired friends and wonder if it’s possible to grow thicker hair naturally. First, the bad news-- no product or supplement can completely change the natural density or texture of your hair.  However, there is a LOT you can do to improve your hair health, make the most of the hair you do have, and build volume and body for a thicker, fuller appearance. Read on to discover how to get thicker, fuller hair - naturally!


Have you noticed differences in your hair that seem to wax and wane with the seasons?  It’s not just your imagination!  While changes in texture and appearance happen throughout the years with different stages of life, the weather is a likely culprit when it comes to semi-annual differences. Sun, heat, humidity, snow and wind can create massive changes to hair strands and the scalp underneath - which is why being aware of such changes and updating your care and styling routine accordingly is a vital part of year-round hair health and vitality. Read on for season-specific tips on what changes to be on the lookout for, and tricks for counteracting the weather’s effects - to make certain you’re rocking your best, boldest style all year long! 


Here at Boldify, we have a passion for helping people achieve the bold, beautiful style of their dreams. Beyond the products that we create with fine and thin hair at heart, we use the Boldify Blog to share content that moves you forward in your journey towards your healthiest, most vibrant hair ever.  We’ve looked at ways your lifestyle and overall health can affect strands.  We’ve highlighted the difference between fine, thin, and thinning hair. We’ve uncovered ways to maximize volume each day while minimizing damage. Today, we’re going beyond overall wellness tips and scalp-loving basics, to focus firmly on the tiniest of factors in your daily routine that can make the biggest differences in hair health and appearance.  Behold - Boldify’s favorite life hacks for healthier hair! 


Let’s face facts: Most of us fine-haired ladies just love a big, bouncy finish. BUT, those of us with fragile locks understand that creating such volume often comes at the expense of hair health.Polished volume without the damage can be difficult to achieve, which is why we’ll be discussing ways to get the volume you crave without sacrificing condition in this edition of the Boldify Blog!


Fine or thin hair doesn’t have to be a bad’s nice and light, cooler in the summer, and can be styled in a variety of ways! The key to styling any hair type? Good products. Oh, and choosing the right tools...that’s equally important! Which is why we’ve put together a guide to common styling tools for you, laying out which methods, features and functions are your must-haves - and which options to skip.

The Power of Biotin

What is Biotin, exactly, and why does it seem like the magic ingredient for hair growth and skin health? This blog covers everything you need to know about nature's best hair booster. 

Stress & Hair Loss (+ three other factors that might be thinning your hair)

If 2020 was the year you started noticing your hair begin to thin, you’re not alone. Check out the effect stress and other lifestyle factors can have on your hair - and more importantly, what to do about them. 

Is Your Hair Thin or Thinning? How to Tell the Difference

Whether you have thin hair or not, we’re all guilty of getting up close and personal with the bathroom mirror, analyzing our strands to see how they’re holding up. But how do you actually figure out if your hair is thinning or if it’s just naturally thin? Not to worry - we've investigated for you.
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