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Get Fuller-Looking Hair in 60 Seconds!

Get Fuller-Looking Hair in 60 Seconds!

Want to cover hair loss, thinning patches and bald spots? BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Fibers make it easy to achieve a thicker, denser look. 

These gentle, scalp-safe Fibers blend beautifully with your real hair! They lock tightly onto your follicles for a naturally full finish with all-day hold (yes, even if it’s raining). So if you’re wondering what hair fibers are or which hair fibers are the best, keep reading– we have all the answers for you.

What are Hair Fibers?

Hair Fibers are a natural, non-toxic hair loss coverage solution. BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Fibers are made of tiny pieces of cotton that cling to your real hair, making it appear instantly thicker and fuller

Many brands use fibers made of keratin protein, but we’re all about that plant-powered life! Our Fibers are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

How do you use Hair Fibers?

Getting undetectable, realistic coverage takes just 60 seconds! Application is easy, fast and mess-free.

Here’s how to do it:
Step One: Start with clean, dry, styled hair.

Step Two: Sprinkle Thickening Fibers evenly over thin areas. Start with a small amount and build up to your desired coverage level. Avoid over-applying.

Step Three: Pat your hair with your hand to set Fibers. (Optional: Finish with a lightweight hairspray or setting spray for longer wear.)

When you want to remove your Hair Fibers, simply wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. It’s that simple!


What colors are available?

With 14 natural shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match:

If you’re in-between colors, we suggest going with the darker option for more natural coverage. You can also blend two colors to create a custom shade!BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Fibers Colors

What are the ingredients in Hair Fibers?

BOLDIFY Hair Fibers contain just three clean, hair-safe (and awesome!) ingredients: cotton, natural iron oxides for color, and salt.

These ingredients are known to be gentle yet effective for all hair types, including delicate hair, thinning hair and sensitive scalps.

Will Boldify Hair Fibers Cause Additional Hair Damage?

Nope! BOLDIFY Hair Fibers are larger than your hair follicles, so they will not clog follicles or worsen hair loss.

How long do Hair Fibers last?

People LOVE that our Hair Fibers have a long wear time. You can expect your Fibers to last all day, or until your next shampoo. No more stressing about your hair in the middle of a crazy-busy day!

Can Hair Fibers get wet?

Hair Fibers are water, sweat and wind resistant, so you don’t need to worry about hot weather or a surprise rainshower. If your hair gets completely drenched though, you may need to re-apply.

Do Hair Fibers work for all hair types?

BOLDIFY Hair Fibers work incredibly well on all hair types and textures. They bind to your real hair to visually build and thicken each strand. The result is a naturally fuller finish that looks 100% yours.

What if I have advanced hair loss?

If you have large patches with no hair at all, it’s recommended to use Hair Fibers together with Hairline Powder. Hair Fibers bind to your hair, so it’s best to have at least some hair for optimum coverage. Hairline Powder can bind to hair or skin.

For areas with no hair or very sparse hair, first cover bald patches with BOLDIFY Hairline Powder. Sprinkle Fibers lightly along the edges of these areas for a well-blended, realistic finish. Apply Fibers to any thinning (but not bald) areas and set with hairspray if desired.

Which Hair Fibers are the best?

BOLDIFY Hair Fibers are the best Hair Fibers. Here’s why:

✓ Instantly thicker, fuller-looking hair

✓ 14 natural shades for seamless blending

✓ Stress-free, mess-free application

✓ All-day, weather-resistant hold

✓ Just 3 natural, non-irritating ingredients


Don’t take our word for it! Hear what our customers have to say:
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