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Find Your Perfect Color Match!

3 min read  |  January 24, 2024

When it comes to concealing thin areas or hair loss, finding a coverage product that actually matches your real hair color is key.

Luckily, BOLDIFY offers an extensive shade range of 14 realistic colors in both our Hairline Powder and Hair Thickening Fibers so it’s easier than ever to find your perfect match!

Explore our Mane Matchmaker tool to discover the right product and shade for YOU.


Hairline Powder

BEST FOR: ANY sparse or patchy areas. Hairline Powder adheres to your skin and strands, so you can even use it to fill in bald spots.

USE ON: Every area where you want a fuller look! Hairline Powder works almost anywhere– hairlines, thinning patches, grown-out roots, eyebrows, mustaches, beards and more.

Take this ultra-versatile product on the go for all your coverage needs!

LASTS:  Up to 48 hours.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Get instant coverage and a smooth, natural finish that stays put until your next shampoo… no mess, no stress!


  1. Start with clean, dry and styled hair.

  2. Dip applicator puff into the powder. Apply lightly & evenly until desired coverage is achieved. 

  3. Finish with hairspray if desired.

Visually Thicker, Lusher Hair– Everywhere!

Hairline Powder shade range of 14 realistic colors

*Choose confidently with our Color Match Guarantee*


HOW TO FIND YOUR SHADE: Match the color to the part of your hair where you plan to apply Hairline Powder (roots, mid-strands or ends). 

Scalp coverage: Match the hair color at your roots
Root coverage: Match the dyed hair color near your grow-out line
All over color touch-ups: Match the hair color of your mid-lengths
Highlight touch-ups: Match the hair color of your ends
Eyebrows, beard, etc: Match the color of your hair in the area that needs coverage.

TIP: If you’re in between two shades, feel free to blend colors to create a custom match. Start with the darker shade and gradually blend in the lighter Powder until you achieve the color you want.



Hair Thickening Fibers

Hair Fibers

Thinning or low-density hair. Thickening Fibers bind to your existing strands, so they must be applied to areas with at least some hair.

USE ON: Partline and crown.

LASTS: All day (until you wash your hair).

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: With just three hair-safe ingredients - cotton, iron oxides & salt - these natural Fibers deliver a thicker, more luscious look that’s sweat and weather-resistant.

HOW TO FIND YOUR SHADE: Match the color of your hair at the roots.

TIP: The roots of your hair tend to be a tad darker than the lengths. If your color is in between two shades, selecting the slightly darker shade of Fibers will give you the most natural results!

Hair Fibers range of 14 realistic colors

*Choose confidently with our Color Match Guarantee*



  1. Start with clean, dry and styled hair.

  2. Shake Fibers carefully onto areas that need coverage. Pat your hair gently to secure.

  3. Set with hairspray for maximum longevity and hold.


The Perfect Pairing for All-Over Natural Coverage:

These hair heroes deliver great results on their own, but they’re even better together! Hairline Powder fills in your hairline and conceals your scalp, while Hair Fibers make your natural hair appear denser and thicker.

To cover more advanced hair loss, apply Hairline Powder to very sparse or bald parts of the scalp. Sprinkle Fibers lightly along the edges of these areas for a realistic finish. Apply Fibers to the rest of the crown, blending until your desired coverage is achieved. Mist with hairspray to set the products.


But what if I pick the wrong color?

With BOLDIFY, you never need to worry about getting the wrong shade for your hair. That’s because our Hair Building line is backed by a rock-solid Color Match Guarantee.

Here’s how it works: Simply choose the shade you think will most closely match your natural hair color, buy it, and try it.If the color’s not quite right, just let us know.

Our dedicated in-house Customer Care Team will help find your perfect match and ship it straight to your door at no extra cost. It’s that simple!





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