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How to Get a Fuller Finish for YOUR Hair Type

4 min read  |  October 01, 2021
Boldify Blog - How To Get A Fuller Finish For Your Hair Type

A head of gorgeous thick hair with big, bouncy volume is #hairgoals for most of us. Unfortunately, sometimes our strands just plain don’t cooperate! There are a variety of reasons why it may be tough to get the full, luscious locks you crave. It all comes down to your unique hair type, texture and other concerns (such as aging or damage).

A tailored hair-care routine is essential for making the most of your hair and getting the thickest, fullest look possible! Try these tips for boosting volume, body and thickness based on your hair type.

Hair Type: Thick, heavy hair that looks a bit lifeless

What to Do:

  • Get a great haircut! Your stylist can remove excess weight and bulk so your hair moves more freely.
  • Reach for residue-free products that won’t weigh down your mane.
  • Instead of general volumizing products, opt for weightless styling aids that add lift and support at the roots where you need it most.
  • Add a monthly clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar rinse to your hair-care regimen. This will help to remove product buildup and restore your natural volume.
  • Use serum to hydrate dry hair instead of heavy oils, leave-in conditioners or hair creams.

Hair Type: Baby-fine, straight hair that lies totally flat

What to Do:

  • Wash your hair with thickening shampoo and conditioner to plump up your strands and make your mane appear fuller. Remember to apply conditioner to your ends ONLY!
  • Apply a volumizing mousse or serum to freshly-washed hair and blow dry the product in. Flip your head upside down while you blow dry for extra lift!
  • Use dry texturizing spray to rough up your hair’s cuticle and create TONS of texture, volume and fullness.
  • Skip “moisturizing” and “reparative” products, which are too heavy for fine hair. Instead, look for products labeled as “volumizing” or “thickening”. 
  • Add bouncy curls to your hair with a curling iron or hot brush. If your curls tend to fall flat, clip them up and allow them to cool for 20-30 minutes, then mist with soft hold hairspray.

Hair Type: Fine, curly hair that tends to look thin and stringy

What to Do:

  • Get a layered haircut to boost your volume on top and avoid the dreaded triangle shape.
  • Experiment with volumizing and lightweight moisturizing products until you find the right balance for your hair! Fine curls do need hydration, but keep in mind that many curl products are designed for thick, dry hair. “Wavy hair” products tend to be lighter.
  • Use a volumizing and hydrating serum, then blow dry your hair with a diffuser.
  • In-between wash days, use dry texturizing spray to absorb excess oil and give your curls a lift.
  • Add a monthly clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar rinse to your hair-care regimen. If you’ve been using heavy masks, deep conditioners or curl creams, you may need to clarify more often.

Hair Type: Aging hair that is getting thinner

What to Do:

  • Up your intake of high-quality protein (like eggs, lentils and wild salmon) and consider taking a hair growth vitamin with biotin.
  • Choose gentle, non-damaging hair care and styling products that are free from parabens, sulfates and harsh chemicals.
  • Apply thickening spray to damp hair, then dry and style it with a blow dry brush. Lift the hair straight up while you dry for more volume.
  • Switch up your part. As we mature, it’s normal for our hair part to widen. Simply flipping your hair over to the other side can give you a denser parting AND more volume. It’s one of the fastest ways to make your mane look fuller!
  • If your hair is so thin that your scalp shows through, use hair fibers that bind to your natural hair for a fuller, thicker finish with better coverage.

Hair Type: Dull, damaged hair that looks thin due to breakage

What to Do:

  • Get a haircut to remove the damaged hair. Ask your stylist for “blunt ends” to make your hair look thicker.
  • Take a break from heat tools, chemical treatments, rough handling… anything that could cause more damage!
  • Add a weekly coconut oil mask or deep-conditioning treatment to your hair-care regimen, focusing on your mid-shafts to ends. Make sure to wash it out thoroughly to avoid oily buildup on your hair.
  • Use a natural thickening shampoo and conditioner to strengthen, thicken and volumize your hair.
  • Apply hair thickening serum to make your mane look healthier and fuller. 

One final tip for ALL hair types-- if you have a special occasion coming up and you really, really want flowing mermaid hair, there’s no shame in using extensions! When you see a girl rocking flawless thick hair on social media or the red carpet, there’s a good chance she’s wearing them. If it makes you feel confident and beautiful, we’re all for it!

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Get a Fuller Finish Look for Your Hair Type


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