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10 Styling Tips for Ladies with Thinning Hair

6 min read  |  August 01, 2022
10 Styling Tips for Ladies with Thinning Hair

Unlike what we see on Instagram, hair loss is actually a common problem for women. “Forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they are age 40”, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. 

Sound surprising? That’s probably because many women are skilled at hiding their hair loss - after all, when it comes to cosmetics and makeup, we’re masters of illusion! But for those ladies who don’t know all the clever tricks, it’s time to learn how to play Houdini and make some magic.

Taking your locks from limp to luscious isn’t easy, so we’ve put together our 10 Favorite Styling Tips for Women with Thinning Hair!

Boldify Blog - 10 Favorite Styling Tips for Women with Thinning Hair


Less Is More (When It Comes To Shampoo)

Your hair needs vacations, too!  By forcing it to be oil-free and squeaky-clean all the time, you can actually make hair-thinning worse.

Over-shampooing can suck moisture from your scalp, leaving it dry and dandruff-prone...under these unhealthy conditions, hair can't grow properly. Generally speaking, women should aim to wash their hair twice a week...for those with more oily scalps, even reducing shampoos to every other day can prompt beneficial changes. It may take a while to adjust...but your hair will reward you in inches! 

If you are looking for a instantly boost volume, body, and thickness with the BEST volumizing shampoo for all hair types! Boldify Hair Thickening Shampoo plumps and lifts each strand for perfect volume and a naturally fuller finish (even in baby-fine, thin or flat hair).


Shake It Up With A New Cut

Trust your hairdresser? Good! They’ll need to be super talented to transform thinning hair.

The right haircut can be incredibly flattering, and there are a plethora of cutting techniques that can help to distract from “problem” areas and bring the spring back to your hair! Layers or angular shaping are popular choices for making hair look flowy and fluffy... blunt ends, a flip cut, or a bob are also great options. Be sure to explore different blow-drying methods to get more lift at the roots and lock in volume that’s sure to outlast whatever the day brings.

When executed expertly, any or all of these strategies can go a long way in lending the appearance of a fuller head of hair! 


Side Part, Anyone?

Having fine hair doesn’t necessarily mean having lifeless hair! To avoid the hair blahs, stay away from center parts, as they can cause thin hair to lay limply in a boring and predictable way. We recommend spicing things up with a more asymmetrical style: A side part

By having a section of hair at the front sweep across your face, people are immediately more drawn to your eyes than your thinning hair line...this styling technique also gives movement and dimension to the front section of your hair, adding visual interest and elegance. Ooh la la!


Invest In Better Brushes

When hair is scarce, treat every piece like gold. Start with using a premium styling brush; it makes a huge difference in the quality of your existing strands! A cheap brush with plastic bristles, for example, can weaken your hair strands, leading to frizz and breakage; instead, you need a brush that delivers protection as well as style. 

The natural texture of boar bristles on our Professional Hair Teaser Brush are best for spreading sebum (scalp oil) from your roots to your ends...by coating each strand, this brush can help repair thin, damaged hair and add a glossier, more healthful look. 

When you’re heat styling, go for a duo bristle brush - one that combines boar hair and nylon. The boar bristles will do their thing, while the nylon bristles generate more heat for added shine and an even smoother texture - not to mention a faster drying time! 


Hedge A Bet On Highlights

With hair that’s already paper-thin, we shudder to think about exposing it to bleach. That’s hair suicide, right? WRONG!

Truth be told, highlights can do wonders for disguising hair loss when done properly! Not only does the chemical process increase volume and body by “roughing up” the cuticle, highlights can aid greatly in creating a multi-dimensional lifting effect, lending hair a more dense and vibrant appearance. Balayage is hot right now, and is an excellent way to draw attention away from a thinning hairline!


Remember, it’s vital to find a patient and experienced colorist who won’t rush the chemical process... when you’ve got little hair to gamble with, every strand counts!


Pump It Up with A High-Quality Serum

In our health-conscious age, more women are craving natural solutions for hair health. Simply put, nutrition is in, and chemicals are out.

Replenishing your scalp with Vitamin C and Biotin, this healing treatment rebuilds your damaged hair follicles, while improving volume and shine. It also defends you, scalp and strands, against UV light and styling heat, providing some extra TLC to preserve and maximize the hair you've got. BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Serum focus on nourishment and protection and don't contain NO toxic chemicals, alcohols or sulphates.




Root Booster To The Rescue!

Let’s be honest: flat hair flatters no girl. Infusing more body into lifeless locks starts at the roots!

Root lifting spray, true to its name, will raise those lazy roots upward, creating volume and “oomph”. Like electric shock therapy for baby-fine hair, it’ll boost your strands by coating them with protective fibers, forming a glaze around the hair shaft. The result? Instantly thicker, stronger and shinier hair, with volume that lasts all day and night!

For unparalleled lift, try
Boldify Root Boosting Sprayon damp hair, and round-brush locks from the scalp outward during drying.  



Instant Fullness with Hair Thickening Spray

Hair Thickening Spray is like dermal filler for your hair, offering temporary volume by plumping up the hair strands with moisture.

By coating the hair shaft in shiny polymers, your locks will appear denser, bouncier and sexier in seconds. Overall, this lifting effect gives your strands a more energetic and weightless effect - a genius trick for styling thinning hair! 

While this option can provide great results for fine hair in particular, sparsity may require a combination of remedies. We’d recommend a Hair Thickening Spray to plump up what you’ve got, and ...  



Build On Your Base with Hair Thickening Fibers

Who doesn't love shortcuts? Take the quick-fix approach: Hair Thickening Fibers!

Hair Fibers are widely known as an effective, realistic fill-in option when no amount of primping and plumping will do. Made of natural Keratin, these micro-flecks mimic the look of actual hair, statically clinging to even the finest strands for an undetectable, natural-looking, fuller finish.

Simply sprinkle the Fibers onto thinning spots or widening parts to reduce scalp visibility and create a fuller head of hair that lasts right on through to your next wash.  When stored and applied properly, you can rest assured that these high-quality Fibers won’t clump, matte, or fly away!  



Just looking to reduce scalp shine? You may want to consider....


Makeup - For Your Hair?! 

Take the quick-fix approach with all Natural Ingredients: Hairline Powder!
Your scalp is skin, too...and much like the skin on your face or decolletage, there are makeup solutions available! 
Offered as a pressed powder, a pigment matching your hair color is applied to the scalp, providing instant camouflage by way of a soft matte finish.


We recommend checking the formula for oil-absorbing ingredients like silica or cornstarch, which absorb excess sebum for a more realistic, less noticeable finish.

Remember, products applied directly to the scalp can affect the health of the skin, pores, and follicles therein, so it’s important to seek out products that are made from natural ingredients. (It’s better to be picky than sorry!)

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