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The BRAND NEW Boldify Blow Dry Brush

5 min read  |  September 01, 2021
The BRAND NEW Boldify Blow Dry Brush

Who doesn’t love the volume, shine and BOUNCE of a good salon blowout? There’s no denying that a great hairstyle is a major confidence boost. But weekly trips to the blowout bar add up fast… and those of us who aren’t professional stylists often struggle to recreate that sleek, polished look at home. 

Spending hours in front of the mirror while juggling a round brush and a heavy blow dryer isn’t exactly our idea of a good time! So we set out to design the ultimate blow dry brush for all hair types (thin, fine and damaged hair included) to make styling your hair easy, fast and fun

Our product development people have spent the last year holed up in a cave, living on espresso and delivery pizza while obsessively tinkering and testing their designs… and what they created just might transform your daily hairstyling. 

Read on to discover why the new BOLDIFY Blow Dry Brush is the best hair dryer brush for your personal home salon! 

Rock a Fresh Look Every Day

Do you like to change your hairstyle based on your outfit or your mood that day? Now you can… and you don’t need a drawer full of hot tools to do it! Use the Blow Dry Brush to create beautiful soft curls, beachy waves or silky-straight locks. It brings together all the best features of a round brush, blow dryer, curling iron and hair straightener.

The unique Hi-Tech Hair Dryer Airbrush design delivers professional-quality styling, polish and glossy shine. You don’t need to master any special skills (or watch a million YouTube tutorials) to dry and style your hair with the BOLDIFY Blow Dry Brush. 

This tool is easy and intuitive to use, whether you’re an at-home styling pro or can barely do a ponytail. It’s light, super comfy to hold, and features a 360 degree swivel cord that moves with you while you style. If you can brush your hair, you can use this tool!


Dry Your Hair in Half the Time

“I just love spending hours styling my hair every day!” - said no one, ever. 

Ok, ok, so maybe somebody said that. Some people truly enjoy spending a long time on their locks, and that’s cool. But we prefer to spend less time doing our hair, and more time rocking our best hair out in the world! That’s where the BOLDIFY Blow Dry Brush comes into play.

Advanced ION Generator and EHD Quick-Dry Technology dry hair FAST while sealing the cuticle for silky-soft, shiny and frizz-free results. The BOLDIFY hot brush works on both damp and dry hair, making it the perfect styling tool for those busy mornings and last-minute nights out! (We love using our Blow Dry Brush to quickly refresh and volumize second-day hair on those days when a full shampoo-and-blowout is just not going to happen.)

BONUS: Faster drying times reduce the amount of heat your hair is exposed to, which means less damage and naturally healthier hair. Win-win-win!


Stand Out With Beautiful Volume, Bounce and Shine

We all want sleek, shiny, voluminous hair with tons of bounce and movement! Unfortunately, this combination can be tough to achieve-- especially for those of us with fine, thin or thinning hair. Many conventional hot tools pump up the volume while making hair dull and dehydrated. Or, they over-flatten the cuticle and leave fine hair glossy but limp.

Here at BOLDIFY, we think you shouldn’t have to choose between volume and shine! Our powerful Blow Dry Brush features charcoal-infused Boarcraft Tufted Bristles, an extra-large barrel and Keratin & Biotin Infused Ceramic Plates to deliver your dream hairstyles. Try it out for yourself and get ready to say, “WOW, is this really my hair!?”. 


Protect Delicate Hair from Damage

Here’s the truth about heat styling: ANY heat exposure has the potential to damage hair. But if you want to grow healthier hair without giving up heat styling completely, you have options. Blow drying is safer for hair than curling or straightening your strands with an iron, since there is no need to place a hot tool directly against your hair or scalp.

Fine or thin hair tends to be fragile, and we had your hair health in mind when we designed our Blow Dry Brush. We infused the ceramic plates with hair-friendly Keratin and Biotin to smooth and polish the cuticle without scorching temps. Ionic technology works to dry and style hair quickly with minimal heat exposure. The ABS Heat-Shielded casing protects your sensitive scalp from the heat. Keep your gorgeous mane healthy and beautiful while creating perfect curls, waves, silky-smooth straight strands and so much more!

Getting the most out of your BOLDIFY Blow Dry Brush

The BOLDIFY Blow Dry Brush is ready to use right out of the box-- no extra accessories or special products needed! But for the ultimate thin-hair styling experience, follow these steps to bring out the best in your hair:

Step One: Wash and condition your hair with Hair Boost Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step Two: Remove excess water by squeezing your strands with a microfiber towel or soft-cotton t-shirt. No harsh rubbing, please!

Step Three: Apply a dime-sized amount of Hair Thickening Serum to your hair, working from tips to roots and stopping just short of your scalp. (This is KEY for boosting volume, hydration and shine while strengthening thin hair!)

Step Four: Apply any desired styling products based on your hair goals. We love our Hair Thickening Spray for thickness, Dry Texturizing Spray for that model-off-duty bedhead, or Root Boosting Spray for extra lift. Start with a small amount of product-- you can always layer on more later!

Step Five: Detangle hair with a wet brush or wide-toothed comb. Optimally, let your hair air-dry or bulk-dry it with a regular blow dryer 70-80% of the way to reduce heat exposure and styling time.

Step Six: Plug in your new BOLDIFY Blow Dry Brush, pick your preferred heat setting, and get to work. Brush slowly through your hair from roots to tips, rolling the brush gently downward. Be sure to lift up at the root for extra lift and all-day volume. For curls, twirl the brush as you dry your hair for all-day body. For straight locks, simply pull the brush through your ends, flipping under or over to achieve your desired style. It’s that simple!

Step Seven: Explore the world as your best, BOLDEST, most confident self!

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