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Join Our #NewYearNewHair Challenge!

Join Our #NewYearNewHair Challenge!


Ready to get your best hair ever in the New Year? The secret to success is a consistent daily routine that gives your gorgeous hair everything it needs to thrive and grow!

But as we return to work and school after the holidays and the pace of life picks up, it’s tough to make time for self-care every day. To make it easy to stay on track with your 2023 #hairgoals, you’re invited to join the BOLDIFY fam for our New Year, New Hair, New You CHALLENGE!

Who the Challenge is For

This challenge is designed for anyone who wants to grow longer, healthier locks. Whether you’re dealing with thin hair, thinning hair, or hair loss, or you just want to improve your hair health naturally, everyone is welcome!

How It Works

For 90 days, you’ll add two simple steps to your hair care routine: 

✔ Take two delicious, sugar-free strawberry Hair Gummies.
✔ Massage Hair Boost Serum into your scalp at bedtime.

These Biotin-packed products work together to deeply nourish your strands from every angle, energize your scalp and help your mane reach its fullest potential.

Stick with this routine to see
real improvement in hair density & health by the end of 90 days!


Get Ready to Glow, Shine & Grow

 Joining the New Year, New Hair, New You Challenge is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Stock up on the hair-care essentials you’ll need for your transformation with two special Challenge Bundles:

Intro Challenge Bundle - SAVE 10%


A New Year’s Challenge calls for transformation pictures! Be sure to snap a few pics of your hair and scalp BEFORE starting the challenge.

Prepare for the first month of your Challenge with one bottle each of Serum and Gummies. Subscribe on Amazon for an extra discount and never run out of your must-haves!


Full Challenge Bundle - SAVE 15% 


Your 90-day kit includes TWO bottles of Hair Boost Serum and THREE Hair Gummies, so you’ll be fully covered for the whole Challenge.


This is a rare opportunity to get these coveted products at a discount… so don’t wait to get your bundle and save! 



Share your “Before” pics on Insta with hashtag #NewYearNewHairChallenge for a chance to win* FREE products for your hair journey! (*US residents only).

Be sure to
follow this hashtag for support, hair tips and inspiration.


Don’t wanna post your progress pics? No worries, we’ve gotchu! Just send us a DM to let us know you’re in.

Just 90 days from now, you could be on your way to healthier and stronger hair! Join us, get on a solid hair-growth routine, and let’s level-up our locks in 2023. 


Lifetime Guarantee

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Healthier hair means stronger hair and BOLDIFY'S Vitamin and Biotin infused Hair Boost Serum will strengthen and fortify your hair after every use

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