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3 min read  |  November 15, 2021
Boldify Blog - Beyond the bottle boldify donates project beauty share

Hey, Boldify Fam!


For some, winter is full of fun, games and good cheer - but for others, it can seem cold, lackluster and blue. In this edition of the Boldify Newsletter, we're gonna warm your heart with some exciting news about our NEW initiative to brighten the lives of women and families in need - and highlight how you can help, too! 


While much of the focus on giving resides within the month of December, now more than ever there is a year-round need for beauty and self-care items for hundreds of thousands of women, men, and children who live day to day without ready access to basic necessities such as shampoo and conditioner. 


Project Beauty Share is a self-described "pass through" agency that supports non-profit organizations who serve women, children and families by collecting new and gently used personal hygiene, cosmetics and beauty products, and dispersing them for distribution to women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness and poverty to help restore hope and dignity in their lives. 


Julie Farley, founder of Project Beauty Share, started the organization with a solid belief that everyone should be cared for, feel beautiful, and have a path to thrive. A lot of what they do is about health and hygiene, but it’s really about dignity...knowing that the Federal Food Assistance Program does not pay for even the most basic hygiene supplies, her devoted team of volunteers has worked tirelessly since the program's inception to fill that gap for women and families in need.  


We're proud to announce that Boldify has partnered with Project Beauty Share to donate new and gently used products relinquished via our Satisfaction Guarantee Program!


Don't worry - our Guarantee will stay the same as always. If you're not fully satisfied with your Boldify or Boldify on Amazon purchase, simply let us know and we'll issue a full refund within 24 hours!


While we still won't require that the products be returned, we will now offer a Shipping Address for unwanted items to be donated directly to Project Beauty Share! So, rather than tossing a nearly full bottle of product, you can send it off (they recommend the USPS Flat Rate Box) and their dedicated team will disperse it to their non-profit partners for distribution to a woman or family in need.


Wanna know the best part?


In addition to any Boldify items you send, you can thin out the "No-No Graveyard" (that's what we call the basket, shelf, or cabinet full of unused beauty products we've bought, used once, and forgotten about) and fill that Flat Rate box to the brim with donations!


What types of products does Project Beauty Share accept?


The general guideline for hair care products is that items must be new or slightly used - at least 3/4 full - and must be in a spray, pump or pour bottle; they can't accept "tub" items (like thicker hair creams, masks, etc.) that a hand or tool would be needed to apply. Additionally, there are a host of product-specific guidelines to be followed for everyone's safety.




Once everything is securely boxed up, you can ship donations to:
Project Beauty Share
C/O Boldify
2718 E Sprague Ave.
Spokane, WA 99202


Prefer to skip the USPS line and help out with a monetary gift?
You can do so on the Project Beauty Share website here


This is the first of many steps we're planning to take to support women and families in need; while this is a great start, there is so much more work to be done, and we hope to expand donation initiatives like this in the future. Be sure to let us know what you think...and of course, we're always open to new ideas and different ways to give! 


Until next time...stay warm, Boldify family!


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