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5 Things You May Not Know About Boldify

4 min read  |  May 20, 2020
5 Things You May Not Know About Boldify

From the heart of California, Boldify brings the Hollywood Glam treatment to fine and thinning hair - anytime, anywhere, no stylist required. 

Our revolutionary product line is formulated by leading industry professionals, and inspired by some of the best-kept hair secrets in the entertainment industry.  

Boldify brings red-carpet confidence to those struggling with baby fine strands, seemingly ever-widening parts, and hair thinning or patchy balding. 

We believe that everyone should live their boldest life, and that the best way we can help jumpstart your journey to better hair days is to let you get to know us - our products, our people, and our promise.

Read on to discover 5 things you may not know about the Boldify brand!  


Boldify Is A 100% Cruelty-Free Brand

The Boldify family believes that every living soul deserves to be treated with dignity and kindness, and that the cost of beauty shouldn’t be our furry friend’s debt - which is why all Boldify products are 100% Cruelty-Free.

You may be thinking...what does that mean, exactly? Simply put, it means that we do not test our products on animals, and we do not work with third-parties who do. From formulation to post-production evaluation, Boldify and our partners bring to market the highest quality products via 100% Cruelty-Free methods. 

Maybe now, like many others, you’re wondering: Is “cruelty-free” the same as “vegan”? 

In a word: No. “Vegan” means that a product contains zero animal byproducts, whereas “cruelty free” is a promise that products are never tested on animals, and that any animal-derived ingredients are sustainably sourced from reputable companies with proven humane methods. 

All Boldify products are Cruelty-Free. Some Boldify products are vegan. And there are some that do contain animal byproducts, simply because that’s the most natural way to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

If it comes down to choosing between something synthesized in a lab and a natural product that’s responsibly and humanely sourced, we’re going to go natural every time - because chemicals, detergents, preservatives, and additives are no way to treat yourself. 

Clean, Natural Ingredients True To Our “No Nasties” Promise

Boldify uses the hottest breakthroughs in cosmetic science to help nourish your hair and scalp, and maximize new hair growth - inside and out - while plumping, volumizing, and building on strands to help you make the most of what you’ve got. 

All topical Boldify products are free from: 
Harmful Chemicals
Additionally, Boldify Hair Boost Gummies are free from:
Artificial Colors
Artificial Flavors
Artificial Sweeteners

In any given Boldify product, you’ll find no nasties...just 100% safe, proven ingredients of only the finest quality!

Developed by Experts with Rigorous Safety Standards

The Boldify family firmly believes that being super selective when setting the standard is the best way to create top-notch products...and we’re not afraid to be persnickety when it comes to quality and safety! 

We formulate our products with best-in-business, world-renowned professionals to ensure the results our customers have come to know and love with each and every new product we bring to market.

We manufacture our products in certified facilities that consistently exceed the highest standards for safety and precision to ensure the quality of each and every bottle that rolls off the line.

We extensively inspect and test our products post-production to ensure each and every run exceeds our quality expectations and adheres to our strict safety standards.

When you buy Boldify, you’re buying decades of combined knowledge and experience, the strictest standards in the industry, and the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

Our Comprehensive Satisfaction & Color Match Guarantees

We’ve all been there...buying product after product that doesn’t work out like we thought, and throwing precious dollars in the trash once our hopes are dashed.

Boldify feels so strongly about the fabulousness of our products that we stand fully behind each and every one with our comprehensive Satisfaction Guarantee. No more money down the drain...buy it, try it, and love it...or your money back. Period!

It’s simple: Buy a bottle of any Boldify product. Open upon arrival, and give it a go. 

Have questions? We’re there to help! Maybe you need application tips or a different color of Hair Fibers...reach out, and we’ll gladly assist. That’s what we’re here for!

Dissatisfied with your purchase? Let us know! It’s as easy as sending us an email with your Order Number and sharing that your experience wasn’t what you’d hoped. We’ll refund the full purchase price (excluding shipping) - no return required - within 24 hours. 

Which brings us nicely to our final point...

Our World-Class In-House Customer Care Goes Beyond Simple “Service"

When it comes to the care of our valued customers, we don’t trust outsourced providers to get the job done. 

Boldify searches far and wide to find the right representatives, right here in the US. We dedicate ourselves to their training and development, and empower them to take ownership of customer questions and concerns to ensure efficient and effective resolution. 

We pride ourselves on industry-leading responsiveness to ensure not only that questions are answered and problems are solved, but that it’s done as quickly as possible. 

Here at Boldify, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between expedience or excellence...you deserve both, and we’re dedicated to delivering!

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