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10 Styling Tips for Guys with Thinning Hair

5 min read  |  April 13, 2020
10 Styling Tips for Guys with Thinning Hair

Let’s be honest: Everyone loves having a great head of hair. 

So it’s understandable and perfectly natural for insecurity to set in when genetic destiny takes its course, and your hair begins to lose the “oomph” that it once had. The upside? You can take comfort in the fact that you’re far from alone...according to the American Hair Loss Association, “85 percent of men will experience visible hair loss by the age of 50.” (I guess our follicles haven’t heard that 50 is the new 30?!)

If you’re among these ranks, you’ve likely experimented with hair growth drugs (ahem, minoxidil!), combined with a lot of waiting and praying. But here’s the reality: These chemical-heavy products can’t do a thing about genetics - and often come with side effects far more unpleasant than sparse strands. 

It’s common knowledge that self-care (proper diet, hydration, exercise, and sleep) are key to making the most of what we’ve got in general - and that certainly holds true for scalp health and hair growth..but at the end of the day, there might not be a single thing you can do to stop hair loss. So, we’ve laid out the 10 Best Styling Tips for Men with Thinning Hair to help you make the most of what you’ve got, and stop worrying about the rest!

Shampoo Less Often 

Bad news for any clean freaks: too much hair-washing can actually speed up balding! 

Yes, it’s possible to over-shampoo. Doing so strips the natural oils from your scalp, sucking away its moisture and slowing hair growth. How? Your scalp gets dehydrated, leading to dandruff and unhealthy hair follicles. Think your hair will grow in these conditions? Not a chance!

On average, guys should wash their hair twice a week (except if you workout, then three times is a more realistic goal). Preserving the scalp’s moisture will help keep hair growth patterns stable over time. 


Avoid Comb-Overs

For lads who struggle with thinning hair, it can be tempting to try and cover problem areas with length from others...but really, this style only draws more attention to bald patches. 

So what to do? 

Don’t be stubborn about keeping more hair than you should! Those stringy thin bits will only exaggerate your thin spots, especially around the temples. That’s why comb-overs don’t work well on thinning hair - they just highlight what you don’t have. Remember, successfully styling thinning hair requires you to focus on what you DO have!


Layers, Layers, Layers!

Disguise your hair loss with fresh layers! It’s a go-to industry trick for adding texture and depth to your hair, distracting from your bald areas. 

There are tons of layered haircuts that conceal hair loss. Among the most popular choices, there’s the crewcut, fohawk, high-and-tight, and flat top. But of course, if you’re open to ditching more hair, there are few cuts more flattering on a balding dude than the classic buzz cut. 

Talk to your barber about putting layers in your hair to help refresh your look!

High Fade Anyone?

Sharp, clean and modern, a high fade is an instant youth-booster. For this look, the hair is buzzed down at the sides, starting from the temples, and transitions toward the neck, eventually blending with skin. This trick conceals hair thinning around the front by making your hairline less defined. 

Another trick is getting a fade with a disconnected side part. Your barber will use the trimmer to etch in a hair part, redirecting your hairline away from your receding area toward the back of the head. 

Nourish and Plump With Hair Serum

When cover-ups aren't enough, add a hair boost serum into the mix.  Designed to replenish your scalp with nutrients including vitamin C and Biotin, these healing treatments repair your hair follicles, provide thermal protection during styling, and enhance volume and shine. No harmful additives, phthalates or sulphates needed!

The more advanced serums, like Boldify Hair Boost Serum, are formulated with a thermal protection coating to protect the scalp against UV light and the strands from heat, providing extra care and protection to preserve the hair you DO have. 

A Little Root Boost Never Hurt Anyone

Flat, tired hair is a disaster for a weak hairline...think of root lifting spray as an energy drink for your locks! 

It works to revitalize those limp and lazy hairs by raising your roots and strengthening the shaft, giving your hair the support it needs to look fuller, bolder and shinier.  

Check out Boldify Root Boost Spray for confidence-boosting results (like enhanced texture, unparalleled workability, and unbelievable volume) in an instant!

Thicken Up With Hair Thickening Spray 

How about faking some fullness? 

Hair Thickening Spray provides a temporary volume boost by reinforcing the hair shafts, building each strand's density. It’s perfect for use as a pre-styler as it gives light hold, natural definition and an effortless finish. Your hair will even take on a more manageable texture! 

For guys who need serious coverage, thickener options might not be radical enough. In that case, you might be better off with natural cover-up solutions like…

Hair Thickening Fibers 

Take the easy route to thicker-looking hair with Hair Building Fibers! You can quickly and effectively achieve a “real hair” look that lasts until you wash it.  

Hair Thickening Fibers are made with Keratin micro-flecks that intertwine with the hair that you do have to mask thinning spots and create a fuller look. When properly stored and applied, the Fibers won’t clump or shift, thanks to a static charge that produces a magnetic effect, helping them cling securely to even the finest human hair strands.

Don’t have a stellar base to build on? You may have better luck with...

Darkening Spray 

A darkening spray may be your savior. A few spritzes from the bottle releases a colored mist onto your scalp that matches your hair tone. Although the results can be impressive, the downside is that the spray solution is harder to control than fibers - which is why we always recommend Fibers as a first resort. 

If you’re keen on using darkening spray, look for a version made from natural ingredients to protect your existing hair. The formula should contain nutrients and hydrating agents to keep the scalp healthy and help to promote new growth. 


When All Else Fails...Shave It!

When all else fails, go all in -- shave your head. This decision takes guts because it means accepting yourself and taking control over your appearance on your terms. 

No longer stressing about your hairline can provide a huge sense of relief! 

If you need inspiration, take a look at bald celebs like John Travolta, Jason Statham or Samuel L Jackson...these guys are living proof that baldness can be sexy!

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