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BOLDIFY Hair Volumizing Powder

    • EXPECT FULL, THICK, LUSTROUS HAIR – LIFTS IN SECONDS, LASTS 24 HOURS: Flat, thin, badly behaving hair? Don’t settle for sticky, messy dry shampoo or hair powder! Laser accurate, revolutionary spray nozzle means you simply point, spray, and quickly rub your way to thicker, fuller, voluminously bouncy hair with that gorgeous texture powder finish. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.
    • EASILY COMB THROUGH – NO WHITE RESIDUE, STICKINESS, MESS or MATTING: Get the lift without the mess, matting, or white residue. Boldify dry shampoo powder hair volumizer for fine hair BINDS & SEPARATES EACH follicle – for light, flowy, touchably soft hair without the stickiness or hair powder mess!
    • NOURISH, REPAIR, SILKEN & SHINE – THE ONLY FORMULATION CONTAINING natural coconut oil and aloe vera that softens, silkens, smooths flyaways and adds a glistening touch of SHINE – so your hair becomes your BEST FEATURE, not something to hide.
    • INSTANTLY REMOVES GREASE, DIRT, GRIME – FRESH, CLEAN HAIR: No time to shower? Professional salon grade hair volumizer spray naturally ABSORBS oil, grease, dirt, and grime – then wipes it away with the stroke of your hairbrush. Your hair LOOKS and SMELLS like it’s freshly washed and salon styled, all day and night.


Get All Day Lift, Volume & Supply Softness

Having a flat hair day? Dreaming of lopping it all off? Wish you could hide your quaff under a hat?

If you struggle with thin, greasy, lifeless hair, kick it up a notch (or 10) with Boldify LIFT – the only dry shampoo powder spray alternative proven to bind, separate and lift each follicle for all day, all night hold, without the stiffness, matting or white residue.


Simply Gorgeous Hair – No White Residue, No Stickiness, No Mess, No Matting

Sure, other volumizing products lift your hair, but at what cost? Boldify LIFT formulation gives you the gorgeous, run-your-hands-through-it and brush-it-as-you-please flexibility, without sacrificing hold, texture or lift.


Precision Results – Revolutionary Laser Targeting Spray Nozzle

Don’t get volumizing powder all of your clothes – simply lift, target, spray and rub. Boldifys One-of-a-Kind, groundbreaking spray nozzle aerates micro-sprays directly at each hair follicle – covering, without saturating – no messy powder shaking required!


Natural & Safe Certified Ingredients – Kid & Pet Safe

If you’ve read the back of the bottles you know the importance of using only certified safe ingredients in your home, especially if your kids or grandkids love to play with your hair. Boldify restores your fullness, thickness and volume, without putting your family at risk.


Nourishes, Repairs, Silkens & Shines – Even Tackles Fly-Aways!

Don’t settle for hair-drying volumizing shampoos that ruin your look. Coconut oil and aloe veras naturally occurring nutrients transform thin, dry hair into silky, bouncy volume, without weighing it down or drying you out.


No Time to Pamper? Use This Awesome Dry Shampoo Alternative

Hair look greasy hours after showering? No time to wash up? We understand, sometimes kids, work, emergencies, and commitments means that shower must wait. But that doesn’t mean your hair must. Boldify acts just like your favorite shampoo, naturally absorbing and clearing away dirt, grease, oil and grime – so make this part of your emergency travel pack, toss a spare in your purse, in your car, and keep one in the bathroom. You never know when you’ll need a fast, refreshing, beautifying boost!

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