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Our mission is to empower our customers to feel bold and courageous with beautiful, voluminous hair.

When you look in the mirror, one of the first things you notice is your hair.
It doesn't matter if you wear it short or long, up or down, styled or messy - when your hair looks good? Well, that's a tough feeling to beat! The world seems a little brighter, life gets a bit easier, and you feel a little...bolder.
While there is surely more to a great life than having great hair, that doesn't mean you don't deserve a fantastic hair day, every day.






BOLDIFY is a stylist-directed, disruptive haircare brand with a focus on volume, shine, and personalised styling advice. We’re a global business with offices in the U.S., Brazil, Germany, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand and team members based all around the world.  Founded in 2016, what started as 'a total hair thickening solution' has evolved to be much, much more than we could have ever imagined.

In 2022, we are inviting thousands of top stylists, creators, and beauty experts to join us in creating the worlds first hair-care collective.


Introducing the BOLDIFY Stylist Collective.  A world-first community of stylists, beauty experts, and brand builders that puts ownership where it should be - directly in the hands of the people that help us grow.


Our vision is to reduce wealth inequality by pioneering a better way of doing business.

We plan to award millions of dollars worth of BOLDIFY shares to our community for helping us test, develop, and promote our range of clean hair care products for hydration, volume, shine, and more.

It’s a powerful win-win model and we want YOU to help us make history and be the first brand to finally kick wealth inequality right where it hurts with a MUCH better way of doing business.

We're hoping to inspire other companies to follow in our footsteps as we reach our 1 billion dollar + valuation goal over the next 6 years.


 For more information on the BOLDIFY Stylist Collective, please click here.