• Are they true to color?

  • Do you need special hair spray to keep this on?

  • Can I use a spray applicator with this? Do you sell an applicator?

  • Is this scented? Fragrance free?

  • Is this only for covering thinning spots, or does it add thickness and volume as well?

  • Will this work on my hair if I’m Asian/African American/Hispanic/Caucasian/Mixed Ethnicity?

  • Will this rub off on my clothing or my pillow?

  • How does this compare to other brands?

  • Are these hair fibers waterproof?

  • Does this work for larger bald spots and thinning on top of the head?

  • Will using this product make hair thinning worse or better?

  • Can I use this as temporary color for a show?

  • Does it leave stains on your pillow at night?

  • How do I get them out of my hair?

  • Will they clog my drain?

  • How long will these stay in my hair? How often do I need to reapply?

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