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Tips for Curly Hair

Number one rule for curly hair: love it!

It always amazes me when people with naturally curly hair don’t completely love it. So many women go to drastic measures to get straight hair when they have something so wonderful already. Constantly straightening your hair with a flat iron can cause significant heat damage, and please do not get permanent hair straightening procedures done.

1. Love It

Your naturally curly hair is beautiful. Whether it is long, short, tight curls, or loose waves, you have many straight haired women wishing they had just a little of your kink! Long curly hair, especially when healthy can look absolutely breathtaking.

2. Take Care of It

The most important thing for curly hair is to condition it. Frizzy, uncontrollable natural curls can easily be tamed by using a conditioner designed specifically for this. (Our Color Shine Conditioner is great for this) Also, deep condition your curls once a week, with homemade accessible conditioners or intensive store or salon bought treatments. Also, use a shine serum mixed with a leave-in conditioner for a great curl look . Stiff curls that don’t move aren’t as great as a curl that you can run your fingers through yet stays molded (Our Curl Defining Cream is a great all in one cream that achieves this same effect). Dry your hair upside down, on low and always use a diffuser. It is better to let your curls dry naturally though.

3. Work It

Now that you’ve got the curls you’ve always wanted, flaunt them. Once your hair is completely dry, carry a small shine spray and lightly mist the finished product. Whether you have short curls or long curls, if you love them, other people will love them too. You might even have a few of the straight haired girls wishing even more that they were blessed to have your curls, even if only for a day!

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